Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Ten Gods of Ancient Greece

The Roman Names - What's your character...?

This idea came up from my flying mind after I finished some puzzle game online on the internet and it made me take a few of conclusions about their characters. Believe it or not, true or false, I so do not care!

Here I go...
1. JUPITER, King of the Gods.
Fatherly, wisely and born leader type.
2. PROSERPINA, King of the Underworld.
Sarcastic, smart and weak type.
3. VULCAN, God of Smithing.
Bad tempered, arrogant and unfriendly type.
4. BACCHUS, God of Wine.
Good eater, lazy and dummy type.
5. DIANA, Goddess of the Moon and Hunting.
Adventurer, challenger and battle lover type.
6. VENUS, Goddess of Love.
Loves beauty, elegant and jealousy type.
7. NEPTUNE, God of the Sea.
Friendly, funny and lovable type.
8. PLUTO, God of the Sun, Dancing, Music and Festivities.
Eccentric, clubber and party goer type.
9. CUPID, God of Love.
Literary, dreamer and thinks that love is important than e'thing.
Nature lover, sweet and prude type.

My own character is... a mixture between the PLUTO, PROSERPINA , DIANA and VULCAN combination. I wish I were JUPITER. Hehehehe...!

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